Monday, May 7, 2012

Regular Commercial Envelope - Business Envelope

Regular Commercial Envelope:

No. 6-1/4, Size: 3-1/2"x6"
No. 6-3/4, Size: 3-5/8"x6-1/2"
No. 7, Size: 3-3/4"x6-3/4"
No. 7-3/4, Size: 3-7/8"x7-1/2"
No. 8-5/8, Size: 3-5/8"x8-5/8"
No. 9, Size: 3-7/8"x8-7/8"
No. 10, Size: 4-1/8"x9-1/2"
No. 11, Size: 4-1/2"x10-3/8"
No. 12, Size: 4-3/4"x11"
No. 14, Size: 5 "x11-1/2"
Blue Security Tint Available on all Commercial Envelopes

Available in different color paper stocks and Brown Kraft

Available in 1/color, 2/color, 3/color and 4/color printing

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